3 Keys to Effective Event Branding

If you are looking for ways to grow your business, events offer a great opportunity to do that. Attending events such as tradeshows allows you to reach out to new customers and network with others in your field, and hosting events of your own gives you the chance to establish your company as a leader in your industry. One key to making your event as successful as possible is good event branding, and in this article, our team at LS Creative will be going over three key principles to keep in mind when designing yours.

When it comes to event branding

 1.     Well-Defined Identity- First, effective event branding should have a well-defined identity. This means that all of the elements should work together to communicate a single, consistent message to your customers. When creating your brand identity, you’ll need to think about both visual aspects such as your logo, fonts, and colors, but also about what tone to use and what values you want to portray.

2.     Consistency- Once you define your brand identity, you should always keep it consistent across all media. When it comes to event branding, the event should have its own branding identity in order to advertise the gathering itself and attract guests, while also complementing the brands of the sponsor or host. Keeping your messaging consistent serves to build trust with your target audience, showing them what your company is about and demonstrating that you are true to your values.

3 .    Name & Tagline- In addition to the above, another key to great event branding is coming up with a name and tagline for the event. Naming your event will set the tone for the type of experience you hope to offer, and adding a tagline allows you to  tell your audience about your mission or purpose, as well as your values.