Are Print Advertisements Still Effective in a Digital World?

Between social media, internet searches, and so much more we can do on our phones or computers, it’s easy to recognize that we live in a digital world. You might be wondering if print advertisements are still effective when so much time is spent looking at digital media. The short answer is yes, and here’s why it’s still important to consider print advertisements.

Are Print Advertisements Still Effective in a Digital World?

There’s No Delete Button, and You Can’t Keep Scrolling

With digital advertising, like email campaigns or social media advertisements, it’s too easy for the customer to hit the delete key, leave it in the spam folder, or keep scrolling. Even spending hundreds of dollars and lots of effort can still leave a chance of leading you down the black hole of the spam folder.

With print advertisements and direct mail, the delete key, spam folder, and scrolling through aren’t options. Sure, there’s the possibility your mail or brochure might end up in the trash by the end of the day, but the receiver still has to look at it first to make the decision. Sometimes, a subscriber might not even make it through the first half of the subject line before they delete it. You can get a lot more attention with print ads.

Even in a digital world, people are still checking their mail, reading posters and billboards, etc. It’s the one thing you can count on in advertising when you may not be able to trust people to do the same with digital advertising.

Reminding Them You Still Care

The nice thing about direct mail and a few other print advertisements is that you can address them directly to your customers. You can’t always do the same with social media ads. Taking the time to print out an advertisement in the form of brochures, business cards, or direct mail is a good way to tell your customers that your company is still out there, and you still care.

It’s also a good way to reach new customers. Consider how many times you read the billboards on the drive home. Even if it’s just a quick glance, you still see them fairly regularly, and it’s enough to make an impression. With digital advertisements, they may be changed out regularly, and it might be difficult to find the same one you were just looking at a few minutes ago. Print advertisements are easily attainable and more consistent because your customers will always know where to find them.

This isn’t to say that digital advertisements are ineffective or unnecessary, but it’s important to get a good mix of the two to allow for the most outreach. Give us a call today at LS Creative if you’re ready to take the first step to print advertisements.