Four Must-Haves for Logo Redesign

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If you are using an old and outdated logo for your business or organization, you may be thinking about redesigning it so that it better represents who you are today and where you’re going. Logo redesign is just a part of the process as businesses grow and mature. Before you start doodling on your desk notepad, here are some considerations as you think about logo redesign:

  1. Classic Styling- While some folks would tell you to go with a modern logo redesign, the reason you may be in this process is because what was once modern is no longer so. Working towards a classic logo that will last for decades to come will ensure that you don’t find yourself in the redesign process again too soon.

Four Must-Haves for Logo Redesign

  1. Simple in Nature- Logos should be very simple, and for good reason. They are a representation of your business or organization, but they also need to be identifiable by your target audience. Logos that are too busy or hard to look at won’t be as attractive on your business cards and other print media.
  1. Easy to Read- If one of your customers or clients looked at your logo, would they be able to immediately identify it as yours? Especially if your logo incorporates letters or numbers, you want to use fonts that are clear and easy to read, so your target audience knows exactly what they are looking at.
  1. Make it Meaningful- Having a logo for the sake of a logo won’t mean anything to you or your customer base. Choosing meaningful colors and designs will help you with strategic branding and recognition. A logo redesign isn’t complete if it doesn’t accurately capture what your mission is all about.

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