Four Ways to Modernize Your Letterhead Design

Does your business have an old letterhead that’s been around since the dark ages? If your letterhead looks old and tired, how might that affect the perception of your business?

Four Ways to Modernize Your Letterhead Design

Today there are some easy ways to modernize your letterhead design that will brighten and embolden your business’ outlook. Whether you’re planning to rebrand or you simply want something more current for your letterhead, these simple tips will help you on your way to a more modern look.

1.   Borders/Background Graphics –Fifty years ago, printing required simple letterhead designs that were easy to print. Today, with the advancements in printing technology, you can choose borders and background graphics for your letterhead that incorporate your business’s color scheme.

2.   Update the Header – If you want to keep to a traditional style with a bit of modern flair, updating the header with a new letterhead design is the way to go. Add relevant pictures or geometric shapes that complement your letterhead font and stand out to your readers.

3.   Use Your Logo – If you like to opt for a clean look that isn’t too fancy, you can still upgrade the letterhead design by using your logo. Especially if you’ve recently gone through the rebranding process, using your new logo is a great way to enhance your letterhead design as well.

4.   Adapt to Your Audience – In today’s world, the type of people you are sending information to could affect the type of letterhead you use. For example, if you are running a B2C ad campaign, you might want to utilize modern shapes and bold colors. If you’re planning a B2B letter to a corporate sponsor, you might opt for a more simplistic style. It’s okay to have more than one letterhead design to meet your communication needs.

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