How Important is Color in Your Branding?

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If you think about some of the products that you use every day, the logo and the packaging come instantly to your mind. You have no trouble shopping for your favorite brands because they are so recognizable to you. If you are a start-up company, wouldn’t you want your brand to garner that much loyalty and recognition? While there is a great deal that goes into effective branding, one thing you should put attention to is the colors that you use.

How Important is Color in Your Branding?

Many studies have been done to better understand the emotions that are brought on by color and you’ll notice many ways in which this information is used in the business world. Here are some aspects of color in branding that can help you determine which main color to use in your logo and other marketing materials.

  • Red- You might have noticed that many restaurants, with the exception of buffets, incorporate red into the surroundings. That is because red has been shown to stimulate appetite while also triggering stimulation. It really gets your attention, too! If you are looking at branding that creates excitement for your brand, red is a sure-fire winner.
  • Blue– If you think about the brands you trust most, you’ll probably notice they use a shade of blue in their marketing. Blue has the opposite affect on appetite, so it is commonly used in buffets as they prefer you eat less, not more. Since blue is commonly a favorite color, it can create a bond with consumers and project an image of professionalism and reliability. This also makes blue an ideal color for use in a healthcare setting, where you want patients to feel calm and to trust the healthcare providers.
  • Yellow– Who doesn’t think about happy thoughts when they see yellow? It wakes up your senses and fills you with hope. Consider yellow if your branding leans toward the fun side of life.
  • Green– There is no better color for branding if your company is in any way involved in eco-friendly products or services. Of course, these aren’t the only industries that might want branding that makes you think of growth, prosperity, health, relaxation, and/or productivity.
  • Orange- If your company’s demographic includes either children or creativity in some way, orange is an ideal color for you. It portrays a cheerful feeling, as well as an air of confidence, that is attractive to these types of consumers, as well as impulsive shoppers.
  • Black/Gray– One might think such a neutral color as those in the black and gray spectrum would lack usefulness, but the reality is that they present the feeling of professionalism, along with high quality. You’ll find the simplicity of neutral colors authoritative and even luxurious when used properly in your branding.
  • Multiple Colors– Branding does not have to choose just one color to be effective. Sometimes using multiple colors is advantageous, especially when you want to convey diversity or stand out from your competition.

At LS Creative, we carefully consider color and a host of other aspects of effective marketing when assisting you with branding. We’ll take into account your target audience and how your branding will affect them emotionally to the highest advantage for your company. Reach out today to learn more about our branding services.