Is Your Stationery Feeling Stationary? We Share Some Tips on How to Bring it to Life.

Even though much of our communication in today’s business world is done in a digital format over email or text, there are still times when stationery is more appropriate. Perhaps you are sending an official form or want to communicate an item of more weighty importance. In these instances, it is more appropriate to use stationery. If you feel like your stationery is looking a little stale, then it might be time to freshen it up with the help of our experts at LS Creative. We can help you create stationery that will look anything but dull.

Is Your Stationery Feeling Stationary? We Share Some Tips on How to Bring it to Life.

One of the first things you will want to do is decide what you are trying to convey to other businesses, clients or customers. Do you want to convey a sense of whimsy and fun? Corporate professionalism? Showcase your creativity? Whatever you are looking for, there are stationery options that can showcase the talents and mission of your company with colors, fonts and design.

After you have chosen how you want your stationery to come across to others, then it will be time to look closely at your font choices, letterhead and determine what can be changed and what can stay the same. Sometimes, just updating the font of your business can make a big difference in modernizing your stationery or letterhead.

Finally, consider adding some color to your design and stationery. Printing in black and white was once the norm because printing color stationery was too expensive for everyday communication. Now, when stationery is meant to convey something important or special, printing in color is more cost-effective and fitting.

If you would like more information on how you can refresh your letterhead and keep your stationery from being stationary, please contact us today.