The Importance of Direct Mail in a Digital World

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When you think about advertising to current and future clients, you likely want to take a multi-faceted approach to find your ideal customers. There are so many different ways you can advertise these days online and through other digital means that you might wonder if direct mail is right for you. Even in today’s world where so much business and branding are done online, you will find that direct mail is not only continuing in its relevance, but it is also still highly effective.

The Importance of Direct Mail in a Digital World

Direct mail is a great way to reach new customers and can come with an open rate of as much as 90%! Comparatively, the rate of individuals who click on online ads or open email campaigns is often a very small fraction. Considering that most people sort their mail more carefully than they do their email, these numbers are not surprising. Furthermore, many people find that direct mail feels more personalized, increasing the likelihood that they will take a look.

When you are looking for new customers, direct mail is an effective and efficient way to reach them. Simple modifications to your direct mail, such as adding the individual’s name, have been found to be decidedly effective. With the response rate and subsequent purchase rate much better with direct mail over other marketing methods, there is no reason why you shouldn’t invest in this method of advertising for your business!

If you are looking for an effective way to reach out to new and existing customers, direct mail should be strongly considered. Give us a call at LS Creative today to learn more about direct mail.