Three Elements of Great Business Card Design

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Back in the old days, a business card was the primary way you connected with other people in your industry. Back then, the design on a business card was also fairly busy to look at. There was a lot of information to impart in a small space.

Three Elements of Great Business Card Design

Today, business cards come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but there is one thing that holds true: they are the fastest way to connect with someone new by using print media. There are also some important ways to make sure you have a great business card design that tells someone who you are without being overly complicated.

  • Keep Things Simple- Going overboard with a business card design is easy to do, especially when you want to share everything you possibly can. Most people want to be able to gather the information they need quickly and easily, meaning your business card design should be easy to read at a glance.
  • Plan Logo Usage- Although a business card is small, there is still room for some large details. Your logo is one of those things! You should incorporate your logo design in such a way that it is immediately recognizable. That means placement in a strategic location on the card and large enough to be identified quickly.
  • Choose Fonts Wisely- Business card design requires a font that is in line with your brand, and that is also legible. Business cards that have a tiny cursive font are much less likely to be appreciated than fonts with clear lettering.

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